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About Us

HLE Nepal is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company that specialises in working for Australia and the global mortgage industry. Our primary client and owner is Home Loan Experts, one of Australia’s leading mortgage brokers.

The fact is that most offshoring and outsourcing service providers just don’t deliver. Primarily this is because of indiscriminate hiring, poor training and cultural differences.

We’ve taken a fresh approach.

Our staff is carefully selected from the best candidates. While their education is important, we place a stronger focus on hiring people with real world skills and proven abilities. As such, all potential staff need to pass through an extensive background check, skills test and trial before commencing their employment with us.

Each staff member is trained in the basics of running a business and how to work with their manager effectively. This includes the business basics such as process improvement, creating manuals and problem-solving skills.

The difference is that our staff can effectively manage themselves rather than just doing their job. For mortgage industry staff, we can provide additional in-house training to ensure that they fully understand the industry and can perform high-level duties.

Larger companies often lack basic culture training in their offshore offices. As a result, there are regular communication problems and culture clashes which cause significant rework and frustration for everyone.

By understanding each other’s culture and having clear communication guidelines, our staff can perform at a much higher level than a standard staff member would be able to.

Managing Director, HLE Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Urika Shrestha

Managing Director
HLE Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Urika Shrestha is the current Managing Director of HLE Nepal Pvt. Ltd. She has been with us for four years, starting with a role as Broker Support. Through her assertiveness, she quickly became Broker Support Manager and, eventually, the Managing Director.

As a driven woman, she believes that equity and respect start with the individual and by being someone who sets precise goals and achieves them no matter what. Her strong beliefs in diversity, the benefits of cross-cultural operation and continuous learning have shaped her outstanding work ethics.

Urika is an MBA graduate with specialisation in finance. Her interests and specialisations also include International Business, Organizational Behavior & Relations, Human Resource, Strategic Management, and Business Policies.

Additionally, she has received the following certifications/ training:

  • Lean Six Sigma: Improve Productivity (University of Sydney)
  • Innovation Champ Training (organized by BrainStore)
  • Internal Quality Auditor Training on ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 19011 International Standards – Guidelines for Auditing Management System (organized by URS Nepal P. Limited)
  • Management and Leadership (organized by KUSOM)
  • Women Leadership Summit 2017 (organized by Ujyalo Foundation)

Here are some of her articles that have been published on an award-winning Australian media platform, theadviser.com.au.

Urika also loves to help others and spread wisdom. She has found the time to mentor underpriviledged youth on their studies, career, personality development, and computer skills. She has been and continues to be a great example for the HLE Nepal team.