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Everything you wanted to know about us.

  1. What is Home Loan Experts?

    A medium-sized mortgage broking company based in Australia that specialises in getting tough home loans approved.

  2. Are HLE Nepal and Home Loan Experts the same company?

    Home Loan Experts (formerly Dargan Financial) is a mortgage broking company located in Sydney and is the sister company and owner of HLE Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

  3. Is HLE Nepal a call center?

    No. We are a fully-functional office handling all types of duties from administration to HR to Internet Marketing.

  4. How long has HLE Nepal been operating for?

    HLE Nepal was formally registered in Aug 2013 and is the first in the Nepalese BPO industry. However, we have been providing administrative support to our main office since 2012.

  5. How many departments are there in HLE Nepal?

    Currently we have seven departments:

    • Accounts & IT/Admin
    • Broker
    • Loan Processing Specialist
    • Compliance and Audit
    • Customer Relationship Specialist
    • Human Resource
    • Internet Marketing
  6. What sort of work goes on at HLE Nepal?

    The operations team (Loan Processing and Customer Care) provides administrative support and the compliance team audits mortgage applications processed by Home Loan Experts’ mortgage brokers. They are also dedicated to customer care, providing above and beyond service to our customers.

    Under the Internet Marketing team, the IT team works on the redesign and implementation of the website, video and animation along with programming various financial calculators used by our online customers. The content writing team creates SEO-rich content for the website and other channels in order to drive a high number of good quality organic traffic and leads.

    We also have a dedicated Accounts and Human Resource department for keeping financial records and managing our Nepalese staff.

  7. What are the working hours?

    Every staff is expected to work at least eight hours a day including a one hour break. We can be flexible on the timing; many of our staff work early in the morning. For example, from 6am to 2pm, 7am to 3pm or 8am to 4pm.

  8. Who owns the company?

    HLE Nepal is owned by Otto Dargan and he is the sole managing director. He has been officially recognized as “Australia’s Brightest Broker” for two years in a row.

  9. How long has Home Loan Experts (Australia) been in business?

    We have been in business since 2006.

  10. How many staff do you have in HLE Nepal?

    As of January 2019, there are 95 of us in Nepal, and the number is poised to grow further.

  11. What is the future for HLE Nepal?

    We are looking to expand our broker team in Nepal and our support services to other mortgage broking firms in Australia. Currently, we are providing support services to 12 prominent mortgage broking firms based in Australia. They are:

    • Property Planning Australia
    • Abacus Home Loans
    • Activ8 Finance
    • Avant-Garde
    • Bluebird Finance
    • Foster Finance
    • Stoneturn
    • Bluebird Finance
    • Scarlett Financial
    • Coronis Mortgage & Finance
    • The Property Education Company
    • Hatch Financial
  12. Do staff get paid in Australian Dollars?

    Nepalese staff are paid in Nepalese Rupees but we offer competitive salaries that are usually above the market rate.

  13. How is the workplace?

    HLE Nepal has young, enthusiastic and energetic staff. The flexible working hours, the work environment, the performance-based salary structure and the strong work culture makes HLE Nepal an ideal place to develop one’s career.

    HLE Nepal is no less than entering a university. We follow the mantra “The more you learn, the more you earn.”

    Educating ourselves and our staff is our main focus. We keep ourselves updated and prepare our staff to effectively tackle the changes in the market.

  14. Is everyone an MBA graduate?

    No, not of all us but we do have staff who are from different backgrounds. Some are from media and journalism, while others come from an IT background and we also have fresh graduates or those who are still studying. As long as one is willing to give their best, background and education doesn’t really matter.

    In fact, we encourage fresh graduates to apply because young talents tend to work more passionately and their weakness actually acts as their plus point as they have nothing to unlearn.

  15. What are the qualities you seek in your staff?

    Having a degree and/or previous working experience will definitely help you but it is not essential for working at HLE Nepal. We want an employee who can walk the talk, has excellent communication skills and is a quick learner. You should be able to adapt to Australian culture and be ready to undergo training for anything your work requires you to do. Most importantly, you should be looking for a career and not just a job.

  16. Where are you located in Kathmandu?

    We are located at Jawalakhel, Lalitpur (Behind the Central Zoo), Nepal. Click here for our exact location.

  17. How do I apply for a job?

    The HR team publishes vacancies through the website, HLE Nepal facebook page or through industry leading recruitment agencies.