Our team is working safely from home and are available during Covid-19.

We make every effort to be the best at what we do but it is why we do it at all that really sets us apart from our competition.

The goal of our business is not to seek the highest profit but to provide a fantastic opportunity to our clients, banks and staff.


To delight our clients

  • Giving you solutions even if you’ve been told that your situation is impossible.
  • Keeping it simple so that you can get a quick approval.
  • Providing expert home loan advice so you can make an informed decision.
  • Earning your trust so that we can be your mortgage broker for life.

To operate ethically for the benefit of society

  • Helping customers who are being let down by the banks.
  • Giving free information and resources on how to buy a home.
  • Giving our staff a fulfilling job with the opportunity for career advancement.
  • Helping young adults who are looking for work experience.
  • Providing ongoing support to offshore aid programs.
  • Promoting good practices and healthy competition within the mortgage industry.

To be an employer of choice in Nepal.


To be widely recognised as the leading specialist mortgage broker in our industry

  • A world class mortgage brokerage with the most knowledgeable home loan specialists in the industry.
  • Continuously innovating to set a new standard for the rest of our industry.
  • Operating completely online and using technology to provide quick and simple approvals.

To be recognised as the leading offshore team in the Australian mortgage industry.

Company Values


Culture training

Did you know that a lack of culture training is the primary reason why most offshoring businesses fail?

We provide extensive training to help our Nepalese staff adapt to the Western business environment. Our goal is to get the best of both worlds.

Team Building activities

HLE believes in team spirit and bonding with each other. Team building is an ongoing process that helps staff to work together.

We, as an organisation, always believe that teamwork is the most powerful way to unite a group, develop strengths and address weaknesses. We believe that good experiences and outcomes from team building activities help build a strong and competent working team that will live up to its true potential.

Relationship with your boss

In many Asian cultures, the status of your boss is well above that of you as a staff member. However, in Western companies the boss is much more like an equal.

This means that it is okay to be friends with your boss and it is okay to tell your boss that they are wrong. In fact, we encourage you to tell your boss when they are wrong! After all, we all make mistakes and we all want to achieve the best results for the company.


In Nepal, it is common to be indirect in the way that people communicate. For example, “Maybe tomorrow is better” means “Not now!”. This can cause confusion when working with the people in the West.

It is also frowned upon to ask questions in many Asian cultures, particularly if you don’t understand. Questions are encouraged in our company because if you don’t understand then you can’t do your job.

At Home Loan Experts, we want our staff to:

  • Ask questions if they do not understand a task.
  • Be direct and communicate exactly what they mean.
  • Voice their opinions, even if it means disagreeing with their boss.


Offshoring experts often say that it takes three offshore staff to do the work of 1 Western staff member.

Yes, that is the case, if the staff are poorly trained and managed!

Western staff may achieve a much higher productivity level because they have more funding, extensive training and better systems. For example, if you were asked to dig a hole in Nepal you may be given a shovel, whereas in Australia you may be given heavy machinery.

We provide our staff with all the tools and training they need to achieve results.

In Nepal, most people do not rush and their company doesn’t expect them to produce massive results. If you work for us then we need you to push yourself to a much higher level of productivity and achieve incredible results.

You would be surprised what you can do when you put your mind to it!

Continuous improvement

You must be willing to learn new things!

We want you to:

  • Ask questions, lots of questions
  • Study to understand your role fully
  • Seek feedback from your manager
  • Be fully independent

Results oriented

Always follow a work process that will give the best result possible and never lose focus of the outcome whenever you are working on a task.

Employee value scale

We want each of our staff to strive towards moving up the scale at all times.

employee value scale-glaiza