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A Day In The Life At HLE Nepal

personUrika Shrestha access_timeMay 17, 2018

Loan Processing Specialist is the back-end lifeline of HLE Nepal because they’re the ones who do the legwork for our Australian parent company, Home Loan Experts.

On a daily basis, their tasks range from completing the online home loan application, submitting the mortgage documents to the bank and following up with them, and communicating with the clients at all stages of the home loan process settlement and beyond.

While our mortgage brokers are the front face of the company dealing with the clients, Loan Processing Specialist does all the relentless tasks to provide a seamless customer service experience.

What’s a typical day for a loan processing specialist?

A typical day for support staff starts at 6:00 am in the morning at HLE Nepal.

Communication is the key! We always try to ensure that the clients’ are well aware of their loan status and this is where broker support excels.

For example, broker support calls the client right when a loan is submitted to the bank and updates them on every detail like when there’s specific information required, or when the loan is approved.

6am to 8am

We have a panel of almost 40 Australian lenders, however, most of our volume is with around eight to ten major lenders.

Because of this, the foremost responsibility would be to call and speak to them first thing in the morning. It’s due to the time difference with Australia as we can get in touch with the banks and clients conveniently at this time.

8am to 9am

After a couple of hours, it’s breakfast time! A healthy breakfast is sponsored by the office every day.

9am to 12pm

After 9 is the ideal time to complete a new home loan application, a challenging but rewarding role of delighting our customers.

HLE Nepal is unique in the fact that our support staff genuinely own the client file from start to finish.

That means ensuring that we’ve received all the documents we need for submission and that the documents have correct information, such as matching the customer’s name or reflecting their current income and employment situation.

But it’s just data entry!

You’ll be actively calling and emailing clients at every stage of the home loan process, as well as following up with the banks.to make sure they’re doing their job.

The inefficiencies of some Aussie banks will boggle your mind!

Best of all, when you do a great job, you share the love from clients just as the mortgage brokers in Australia do.

12pm to 2pm

This is the final time we check with the banks and complete any pending tasks for the day.

There is an hour lunchtime in between and one could take it as per their own schedule and preference.

At 2:00 pm, we call it a day!

What happens in between?

We have a high degree of focus on learning and development, running training programs from everything to bank lending policies and selling, to management and marketing.

A Loan Processing Specialist can also ask as many questions as they like from senior support staff and colleagues.

For everything else, staff can simply refer to our many manuals so they are never lost as to how to complete a task.

We celebrate the wins with lunches and outings (paid for by HLE Nepal, of course), as well as quarterly awards and prizes.

In between all of this, a game or two of FIFA and ping-pong is never far away.

What other teams are there in HLE Nepal?

Apart from loan processing team, various other teams at HLE Nepal are working in tandem with each other.

The compliance team audits mortgage applications processed by Home Loan Experts’ mortgage brokers. They check and confirm whether all the due process is followed by the mortgage broker and support for all the files.

Similarly, the Customer Care team caters above and beyond service to our customers even after the settlement of a client’s loan. They check whether the client’s loan is as per the market standard or not by checking the available interest rates on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, the MarTech (marketing and technology) team works driving more traffic to our website through well-written content and calculators that educate our clients and builds our brand as a trusted mortgage brokerage.

HLE Nepal takes a flexible approach to office life

We’re quite flexible in our working hours, and we allow people to pursue their passion as well.

We usually work from 6 am to 2 pm. This means you can get a lot of time after office hours to either continue your studies or pursue your other hobbies.

You can have great work/life balance with only five working days a week and still have an amazing career.

Do you want to apply?

Do you have a strong work ethic, a willingness to learn and a keen eye for detail?

Call us on 01-5537280 or email us at hlenepal@homeloanexperts.com.au and start a fantastic journey with HLE Nepal.

We’re always looking for candidates eager to delight our customers and deliver an amazing home loan experience.

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