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Employee Spotlight | Manish Rana

personhleadmin access_timeNovember 6, 2018

The first mortgage broker based in Nepal, Manish Rana worked hard to reach this high point in his financial services career.

He’s now at a point where he can prove his calibre in the Australian mortgage broker industry.

Where did it all begin for Manish?

Manish’s HLE Nepal journey

Despite having more than eight years of experience at offshoring companies under his belt, Manish started with an entry-level post at HLE Nepal, the business process outsourcing (BPO) arm of the award-winning Australian mortgage brokerage Home Loan Experts.

Not giving much thought about it given that HLE Nepal was still a young and an aspiring business, he had the ultimate belief that if he could prove his mettle here, his career could flourish much faster than compared to a conventional Nepali company.

He quickly rose through the ranks and his passion to effectively teach people led him to become a trainer and training systems manager within a year. He gained valuable insights about the mortgage process and the lending policies of many Australian banks and lenders.

After only two years in this role, he became a mortgage broker and quickly positioned himself as a credit expert that enabled his customers to get to the root of their challenges, overcome them, and take charge of their financial future.

Not only is he now a leading Nepali mortgage broker but he’s on the heels of Australian mortgage brokers due to his professional approach to customer service and ability to solve credit problems like a surgeon.

What skills do you learn at HLE Nepal?

Manish believes that HLE Nepal offers boundless opportunities for career development and improving communication skills, specifically when working with a Western company having a highly driven work culture and business ethics.

“I learned to break down complex customer scenarios into a simpler form and to communicate and delegate tasks effectively,” he said.

Project management and management skills were other skills he values the most, both of which he honed while working at HLE Nepal.

As a mortgage broker, he has learned to ensure the home loan application process is as stress-free and simple as possible for his clients, thus saving them valuable time, money and effort.

What did Manish do before joining HLE Nepal?

Manish has worked for outsourcing companies (BPO) for more than 10 years, both in Nepal and India.

He opines that outsourcing companies are quite progressive and less hierarchical which helps staff to work efficiently compared to a conventional Nepal organisation.

He couldn’t resist when one of his friends offered him the opportunity to work at HLE Nepal, which, in 2014, was still a young company.

Training and development

With his clear command of written and verbal English, Manish has always had a clear penchant for teaching people and this led him towards the role of in-house trainer.

During this time, he also helped to develop HLE Nepal’s Learning Management System (LMS) for both brokers and support, an industry-leading portal that helps new staff to learn the fundamentals of the mortgage industry and credit policies.

It’s also used by current staff for refresher training which Manish believes is yet another reflection of HLE Nepal’s value of continuous learning and development.

Earning his Certificate IV in Training and Assessment from AAMC Training Group, Sydney further allowed Manish to train people more effectively.

What’s a typical day for Manish at HLE Nepal?

The beginning of the day starts with speaking with his clients and assessing their files. He does further study and assessment of customer’s financial requirements in the second half of the day.

Discipline and attention to detail are essential to his role but, like a mortgage broker in Australia, his routine isn’t always fixed.

A broker must understand a client’s financial objectives, identify the issues and opportunities in their financial situation, and the provide solutions to them.

He feels that working independently and not having somebody to closely monitor his tasks gives him room to manoeuvre and a sense of freedom in his role.

Thinking about joining an award-winning company?

Manish said you have to strive and be willing to put in extra effort if you want to move ahead at HLE Nepal.

The company has grown tremendously over the years and is still expanding. So there are plenty of opportunities if you have the resolve and grit to work and an honest approach to customer service.

Call us on at 01-5537280 or email your resume at hlenepal@homeloanexperts.com.au and find out how you can be a part of the most progressive business outsourcing company in Nepal.