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Who Is HLE Nepal?

personUrika Shrestha access_timeJuly 6, 2018

HLE Nepal Pvt. Ltd was founded in August 2013 and is Nepal’s first business process outsourcing (BPO) company.

Its sister company is Sydney-based mortgage broker Home Loan Experts (formerly Dargan Financial) but HLE Nepal is much more than a call centre.

What is our purpose and mission?

Our mission is to delight our customers by providing them with real home loan solutions that allow them to achieve their home-owning dreams and financial goals.

We’re driven to operate ethically for the benefit of society as we strive to be widely recognised as the leading specialist mortgage broker in Australia.

What really goes on at HLE Nepal?

Loan Processing

The core operations team (Loan Processing and Customer Care) provides administrative support to a team of senior mortgage brokers in Australia and Nepal.

These administrative tasks include but are not limited to data entry, submitting and following up loan applications, updating and communicating with the client to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the loan process.

These tasks help to keep the mortgage application moving so our brokers can focus on taking new leads so they’re a really important part of our offering.


We also have an entire compliance team dedicated to auditing mortgage applications that have been submitted by our brokers and support team.

Having this level of quality control allows us to maintain excellent customer care at a level that is unheard in the Australian home loan industry.

“The work we do here is quite engaging and equally challenging in order to delight our customers and is completely unique than what happens in other BPO companies,” HLE Nepal operations manager Urika Shrestha said.

Marketing and technology

The marketing and technology division, or MarTech, as we like to call it, is focused on improving our website traffic and ultimately generate a high number of high-quality leads.

This involves a team of web designers, developers, content writers and online advertising specialists.

It’s a never-ending process of redesigning, testing, and re-testing but our MarTech analyse data like scientists and execute their strategies like surgeons.

The rest of HLE Nepal think the MarTech team is mad.

HLE Cares

Home Loan Experts contributes a lot to improve the lives of Nepalese people, particularly children.

By supporting education and health programs we believe that we are nurturing Nepal’s future.

Some of the programs that we are involved in are Hakuna Matata project, good oil project, Asha foundation among others.

HLE Cares’s social and community engagement programs are a testament to our great focus of giving back to the society in which we operate.

What’s the future at HLE Nepal?

HLE Nepal has almost 80 young, dynamic and energetic staff.

The flexible working hours, the performance-based salary structure and the dynamic work culture makes HLE Nepal an ideal place to develop one’s career.

Explore career opportunities and training.

We are always looking to expand our broker team in Nepal and our support services to other mortgage broking firms in Australia.

Currently, we are providing support services to other mortgage companies such as Property Planning Australia, Abacus Home Loans and Active8 Finance.

Urika believes that if one has a strong desire to learn and succeed, then HLE Nepal is the right platform to grow and flourish.

Where are we located?

A cool office building at Soalteemode, the central part of Kathmandu, and the fun-filled work environment makes it more desirable to work.

How do I apply for a role at HLE Nepal?

Sounds interesting?

If you want to work for the most progressive BPO companies in Nepal, call us on 01-5537280 or email us at hlenepal@homeloanexperts.com.au.

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