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What It’s Really Like Working For An Australian Company

personUrika Shrestha access_timeMay 2, 2018

It’s great to work for an Australian company while staying in your own country.

However, there are certain differences between the Australian and Nepalese style of working and knowing these differences is always beneficial.

Major differences between Australia and Nepal

There are some significant differences between Australian and Nepali culture in various areas such as:

Open and direct communication

Australians are very direct in the way they communicate (open and to the point) and tend to be informal compared to a typical Nepalese office.

They will tell you precisely if they have any exceptions to anything and appreciate brevity.

Swearing and humour is also more common, most likely because of their (proud?) convict history. This humble writer is yet to figure that one out.

Not a traditional boss-employee relationship

An Australian organisation tends to be flatter and smaller in a hierarchy.

Your boss can always be approached and there’s an open door policy to discuss your ideas, opinion and any grievances.

Productivity and quality expectations

Australian employers tend to be very focused on punctuality and expect the same in return.

You’ll work closely with them on the vision for the company and you can tell them when they’re wrong!

Orientation towards getting results

They want you to challenge the process and make suggestions – don’t just say yes!

Everyone is expected to have their say when deciding on team goals and the best direction to take to achieve those goals.

Honesty and integrity are where Nepalese and Australian work cultures tend to pair beautifully.

What are the benefits of working for an Australian employer?

Working for an Australian or western has certain benefits:

  • It looks great on your CV.
  • You will learn international values and working norms and practices.
  • An opportunity to work in a diverse environment with diverse ideas and opinions – Diversity is important!
  • Thanks to communication technology, you’ll have the cosy comfort of your family and friends because you won’t have to relocate overseas.
  • Of course, if you want it and work hard enough, there is the prospect of working overseas and experiencing another culture.

What makes HLE Nepal different?

HLE Nepal is the offshore office of Sydney-based mortgage broker Home Loan Experts.

Few of our Nepali staff are working in our Sydney office so if you think if you have what it takes to excel here, there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you.

We’re quite flexible in our working hours and we allow people to pursue their passion as well.

Since our working hours are most intense in the morning, you can get a lot of time in the afternoon to either continue your studies or pursue your other hobbies.

You can have a great work/life balance with just 5 working days a week and still have an amazing career.

HLE Nepal is a part of Home Loan Experts – we’re not a separate entity.

As such, you’ll enjoy the same work culture that we’ve built over more than 10 years.

  • You’ll be provided with extensive and ongoing training and guidance.
  • We’re free of the office politics and corporate nonsense that you find at many domestic companies.
  • Your voice will be heard in an environment with a flat management structure and a supportive team of brokers, Loan Processing Specialists, marketing professionals, technical support and administration staff to assist you.
  • You are actually allowed to have fun at work and first-time mistakes are allowed as long as you learn from it.
  • We provide more than a job to you, it’s a long-term career that you’ll be looking here.

How do I apply to work here?

HLE Nepal has grown by leaps and bounds over the years is larger than Sydney office.

If you want to work for the most progressive business process outsourcing (BPO) company in Nepal, call us on 01-5537280 or email us at hlenepal@homeloanexperts.com.au.

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