Our team is working safely from home and are available during Covid-19.

Are you considering a career with us? We hire in a completely different way to other Nepalese companies. For this reason, we’ve written this page as a guide to potential applicants so that they can better demonstrate their value to us. See our Hiring Process here.

Check out our Current Vacancies page to see what positions are currently open.

Why work for HLE Nepal?

  • Better pay and perks
  • 5 day work week with an exception of first Sunday which we call as Funday
  • Flexible working culture – can compensate lost hours next day
  • Potential for career advancement
  • Opportunity to visit Australia for work purpose
  • Grow as a person through exposure to global culture
  • Intensive training to make you professional
  • Quarterly bonuses to recognize high performers who live our values
  • Rewards for reading books
  • Yearly recreational outings
  • Sponsored healthy breakfast, fruits and refreshment all day
  • Fun-filled work environment with dedicated recreation room equipped with PS4 and Table Tennis

Who can work for HLE Nepal?

You are eligible to apply with us if you:

  • Plan to stay in Nepal.
  • Are exceptionally intelligent.
  • Are a perfectionist with a great eye for detail.
  • Are fluent in English.
  • Have exceptional Math and computer skills.
  • Want to earn an excellent salary that is based on your performance.

We are less concerned about your:

  • Education: While a degree from a good college will be an extra advantage, we have a preference for real world skills and success.
  • Work experience: A track record of strong performance at previous jobs will count in your favour. However we provide full training and are willing to nurture young people with intelligence and drive, yet have little experience.

Do not apply to work for us if you:

  • Plan to move overseas.
  • Make lots of errors / do not check your work.
  • Are not committed to continuous learning and improvement.
  • Are not a high performer.
  • Don’t care about your job or your employer.
  • Have poor English, Math and computer skills.
  • Can’t take constructive criticism.