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SAATH believes in the significance of support & togetherness to address the problems of barriers, inequalities and injustice that prevails in our society.

This voluntary-based organization with youth-based projects was established on 25th June 2004 with a strong mission to build youth-led actions and movements to restore socio-economic justice, humanity and peace.

The organisation gives particular attention to service-oriented programs for the general welfare of society. SAATH believes in the power of Togetherness and therefore works together with different individuals, groups and organizations in order to provide socio-economic support to the needy.

Initially, SAATH had been involved in projects to support women and children living with HIV & AIDS and now it has been continuously working in different fields and issues related to marginalized communities and is motivated towards bringing an impactful social change and uplifting the society for betterment.

They have been actively involved in addressing the many issues related to HIV and AIDS, Drug Use, Child Rights, LGBT.

In 2012, SAATH took the next step and directed their focus on education, socialization, capacity building and livelihood of girls and children who belong to marginalized communities. They work with young women and children in guiding them on their journey of believing in themselves, self-discovery and their capacities. In addition, they’ve also been successful in creating awareness & advocacy through their different projects and activities.

Projects in Action

Supporting the notion of SAATH, HLE Cares is now working together with SAATH to provide the necessary support to marginalized children through an active financial and social involvement in one of their projects “HAKUNA MATATA”.

The project “HAKUNA MATATA” works to ensure capacity and holistic development of these marginalized children – with special priority given to children infected and affected by HIV & AIDS, children affected by conflict, children with special needs, children from poor economic background, marginalized girls and orphans.

HLE Cares has been providing for the support of 3 children infected by HIVs and AIDS from 01/02/2018. We’re providing Rs. 35,100 for each student per annum (i.e. Rs 105,300 per annum) to cover their educational expenses, including their tuition fees, stationary, school bags and other educational material. These funds provided were also used for activities that supported capacity building and socialization of the children ensuring that these children could attain proper education along with their overall development and nourishment. In addition, members of HLE cares are actively participating in Hakuna Matata’s workshops and camps. Our support and aid helped have helped numerous children graduate.

Now, this year, HLE Cares will be involved in their new project SAATH – which will focus on supporting the children from slum areas, aiding them to attain a proper education and their capacity development so as to secure their future and the overall growth and development of the children.


“My mother and I live in a small house near Imadol area, Lalitpur. Growing up without presence of my father has definitely made our lives challenging. My mother was the sole breadwinner of the house and we have very low income even for managing our daily life expense as well. My mother’s health issue is diminishing day by day and she doesn’t work anymore. I had completed by SEE examination a year before and my mother was in a dilemma whether I should continue my further studies or not. But through Hakuna Matata connecting us to HLE cares, we received support to ensure continuation of my further studies and now I have already completed my grade 11 and studying grade 12 at the moment. My dream is be efficient enough to support my mother.”

– Pratikshya Sharma (Name changed due to confidentiality)

Through a ton of fun & games, the kids learnt the importance of cooperation, collaboration and trust-building during the Hakuna Matata Day Camp.

At the Hakuna Matata Skills Winter Camp 2018 where the kids learnt about first aid, waste management & personal hygiene.

The kids and their parents are having the time of their life at Sukute Beach during the Hakuna Matata Summer Camp 2018.