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About Samaanta

Foundation was established in 2012 A.D with an initiative to promote equality and empowerment by providing quality higher education opportunities to students from poor socio-economic backgrounds. The Foundation provides comprehensive fellowships to meritorious students to cover their educational and associated costs and also helps create an enabling environment for the fellows to succeed in school and beyond fields.

They are working to create and sustain a critical mass of Samaanta fellows from disadvantaged and marginalized communities throughout rural Nepal to empower a network of change-makers. The goal is to create a mass of talented public school graduates from rural areas with access to quality higher education as a catalyst for change.

Projects In Action

HLE Cares has been providing a monthly fund of Nrs.1,00,000 to Samaanta Foundation which they have been using for various purposes, mainly for the educational, fooding and lodging of the underprivileged students which they select by going through a rigorous evaluation process. They have also been using this fund for hostels, office rent and utilities, salary, stipend, workshop, recruitments, miscellaneous expenses, etc.

They have been mainly providing support to those students who have completed their 10th grade (SEE) and are deprived of the opportunity to further their education.

The focus is on providing good students from underprivileged backgrounds to pursue Higher Secondary Education as well as grow and flourish in both skills and academics. The foundation has also been supporting their fellows fully and partially depending on the eligibility of their fellows in Bachelor’s level as well.

In addition to supporting their fellows financially, they also mentor them for various programs and institutes such as “Women’s Leads Nepal”, ‘Public Speaking’ focusing on both physical and mental well-being.

Moreover, the foundation has provided continued support to their fellows who secured scholarships to pursue higher education abroad in Bosnia (United World College) and the US (Luther College) and are looking forward to providing more help to the eligible candidates.

The details of the total Cohort of Samaanta fellows from the year of establishment till date is provided in the tabular box below:

Year 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
No. of students Intaken 5 3 3 9 10 9 6 7

Higher Secondary Level Project

Higher Secondary Level Project

After an extensive selection process which involved 50 candidates from 24 schools in 4 districts, Samaanta selected seven new fellows (four female and three male) as the 8th cohort of fellows for the year 2019 and have also conducted an orientation session on 13 July 2019, Saturday to make them aware about their career opportunities and growth.

The details of the Cohort 8 fellows are as follows:

The Eight Cohort

S.N. Fellows Stream Institute
1. Madan Syangtan Management-Hotel Management VS Niketan H.S. School
2. Prerana Tamang Management-Hotel Management VS Niketan H.S. School
3. Ankit Giri Management-Computer Science VS Niketan H.S. School
4. Thuli Tamang Management-Computer Science VS Niketan H.S. School
5. Dawa Lahmo Science-Biology Nepal Mega College
6. Navindra Chaurel Science-Physics Nepal Mega College
7. Rachit Shrestha Science-Biology St. Xavier’s College

Bachelor’s Level Project

Samaanta Foundation has have a big achievement this year 2019 after their 8 years of dedication and contribution. The first and second batch of the Samaanta fellows have graduated this year. The details of the graduates as follows:

1st Cohort Jeni
Jeni Shrestha
1st Cohort Rojina
Rojina Thapa
2nd Cohort Sarita
Sarita Purkoti

  • Sarita Purkoti is working full time at Sunsar Maya, which conducts after-school programs in public primary schools.
  • Jeni Shrestha has been selected to the prestigious Teach for Nepal fellowship for 2019-21. She is currently teaching Mathematics at the secondary level in a public school in Lamjung district.
  • Rojina Thapa worked at an educational consulting firm and is now preparing for public service exams.

Moreover, four 12th grade graduates from the sixth cohort have been selected to pursue their bachelor’s degrees from Samaanta Foundation as a reward for their academic performance,service and leadership. Among these 4 eligible candidates, 2 will likely pursue Business Administration, 1 of them intends to focus on Law, and another fellow seeks to pursue Social Work at the bachelor’s level.

selected to pursue their bachelor’s degrees
Prajit Giri
selected to pursue their bachelor’s degrees
Meghnath Dulal
selected to pursue their bachelor’s degrees
Sanumaya Lama
selected to pursue their bachelor’s degrees
Anjana Nagarkoti


“Home Loan Experts (HLE) Nepal is one of the financial supporters of Samaanta Foundation. They have contributed to fulfilling the needs of the students who are in the fellowship of the SAMAANTA including college fees, stationery and accommodation. Furthermore, HLE even provided us space when we needed to have a get-together and orientations. They even have assigned many mentors for the fellows for better guidance and also to help them. The whole HLE Nepal team has been supportive to us. And I would like to use this platform to thank HLE for supporting Samaanta to support us.”

– Manisha Deshar

“Home Loan experts (HLE) is one of the financial supporters of Samaanta foundation. From the direct help of HLE, Samaanta supports us. HLE has been helping us in our education. The support is related to College fees, education materials, and hostel fees and so on. HLE is helping fellows like me for their better education. I’m very grateful towards HLE for their help. The situation for the fellows like me is challenging but the great help makes it easier. One again, Thank you for your support.”

– Prajit Giri (6th Cohort Fellow)